Lufthansa is toying with sofa bed

Germany's largest Airline is looking at new fee-based additional services for the Economy Class. A Lufthansa survey shows what might await travelers.

Lufthansa wants to become more profitable. The aviation group, made in June at the so-called Capital Markets Day significantly. One of the measures announced: An increase in the additional revenue. Not two weeks later, the group announced that Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines seat reservations on Europe - and medium-haul routes more expensive to make. However, it is not done.

In a recent Online customer survey, the airline wants to find out what additional would arrive services at the travellers well. Lufthansa introduces about potential Seating options in Economy Class, according to the website Travel-Dealz reported. In the fictitious quote for a flight from Frankfurt to New York in the Airbus A380, with Eight inches more seat pitch for 30 Euro and a free seat for 300 euros.

Also, Condor checks Couch

The largest Option is a whole row of seats as a sofa bed for 530 Euro. "Relax and make use of a number of standard seats that can be converted to a Couch – ideal for couples and travelers with children," it says. The concept to make three Sit on a Sofa, have introduced a number of Airlines already, pioneering Air New Zealand. Also, the German holiday airline Condor is currently reviewing a concept, after sister Thomas Cook Airlines has introduced it already in may.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa is also interested in Other potential benefits for the opinion of the customers. For example, a Amenity Kit is available in the survey for the Economy Class for 20 Euro choice, Premium pillow and blanket for 10 Euro, Lounge access for 35 Euro, Priority Boarding for 8 Euro or a Mobile SIM card with 1 GB data for EUR 19.

"Very early test stadium"

From aeroTELEGRAPH on the survey addressed, said a Lufthansa spokesman, in the context of the market research you conduct regular surveys "to possible product portfolio-Alternatives to current customer wishes and to explore Trends". These Alternatives are mostly in a very early test stage. "Conclusions on the possible introduction of the pictured/mentioned products are, therefore, currently not possible", said the spokesperson.

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