Lots of privacy, great food and maybe a flight in reverse

A private Suite in Business Class - Qatar Airways offers the Q-Suite. The offer is as good as the airline promises? We have tested it.

"First in Business", says Qatar Airways for the Q-Suite. The new Business Class to the Gulf airline is to be as good as elsewhere, a First Class. The offer is only available on select aircraft on which Boeing 777 or Airbus A350 will be used on one of the two daily flights to Frankfurt. But the product, which promises to be the Airline? We have tested it in June on a flight in a Boeing 777 from Frankfurt to Doha.

Booking/Reservation: ★★★★☆ –

The Design of the website is not overloaded and the booking process is clearly designed. Important information is found quickly, the user guide is clear. As a passenger you can see directly which type of aircraft will be on the track, we like that. The Online Check-in works, but the on-Board card we need to get however, when you switch on the airport. That is hard to understand.

Check-in/Boarding: ★★★★★ –

For Business passengers there are in Frankfurt a Priority area. The Check-in counters are staffed well and so we don't have to queue, when we get our boarding pass. The staff is friendly, courteous, and humorous. Then go to the Lounge. Business-Class passengers of Qatar Airways in Frankfurt, the offer from Lufthansa. The Lounge is clean, to the departure time pleasantly empty and the food selection is good. There is everything you wish for at Breakfast, plus the obligatory sweets and of course drinks. Of the seats by the window you can watch the Bustle on the apron and the preparation of the flyer for aviation fans is a big Plus. Accordingly, the Short distance to the Boarding then. Here, too, there is no snake.

Crew: ★★★★★ –

From the Moment we entered the plane, the Crew is always trying to help us. The somewhat mechanical Service, known from the Gulf airlines and the Asian Airlines that we experience on our flight. There are, on the contrary, very pleasant conversations. The flight attendant, which is mainly responsible for us, creates the right Balance between casual and professional. You have also never had to wait long, if you have a request, because the crew runs regularly through the cabin. What stands out: As a passenger in turmoil, obviously, flight of fear, a flight attendant near him. A small, but effective and heartfelt gesture that has a calming effect.

Cabin equipment: ★★★★★ –

The Design of the Qatar-Airways-plane is simple and elegant – no Bling-Bling or elsewhere. Dominant is the national color, which is most likely as a mixture of Burgundy red and chestnut brown describe is. The lighting is adapted to the phases of flight. The Q-Suites arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. There are two Business sections, which are separated by the galley and the toilets from each Other. Here there are: those Who fly reluctantly backward, care should be taken when reserving a seat, the fact that he chooses a Suite, which shows in the direction of flight. During the flight, it makes little difference, only during takeoff and landing, it can feel unfamiliar. The toilets are spacious enough and with a pleasantly scented products. In the Luggage compartments it has more than enough space for the Luggage of all the passengers.

Seat: ★★★★★ –

Basically, it is not in the Q-Suite is Qatar Airways really a seat, but actually to a small room. Even if the door is not level with the ceiling, you always have plenty of privacy. We never felt from the top down is observed. The seat itself is wide and offers on the page, again a small area, so you can spread out to your liking really. So much space there is in a Business Class, otherwise hardly. Of course it can also be used in a flat bed, which is very convenient. Only a little more than five-hour morning flight, we sleep only a little, but we doze a little, to get the Feel for the quality of sleep. When you close the door of the Suite, and the window darkens, it is even without a sleep mask to sleep because there is little light to penetrate. This one has a really quiet, you can turn on a do-not-disturb light. Even when it gets turbulent, the Suite is stable. The door does not wobble and makes no noise. Personal items, Computer, Tablet, mobile phone, handbag, shoes – for all there is enough storage space and storage space.

Cleanliness: ★★★★★ –

It's all squeaky clean. A lot more you don't have to say anything. Also at Places which are really difficult to clean, there are no unpleasant Surprises. Unfortunately, that is not already the case everywhere.

Meals: ★★★★★ –

The food concept in the Business Class of Qatar Airways is more flexible than many of its competitors. There is no fixed Service, passengers can order whenever you want. This is a big plus point. First, there is a pre-dinner Amuse-Bouche: on our flight salmon tartare. We opt for the Arabic Mezze as an Appetizer. They are fresh and aromatic. Especially the Tabouleh salad tastes really good, he is prepared with lots of fresh herbs. Serve with pita bread, as well as a small additional basket of bread with Butter, olive oil, and salt and pepper from the little mills is passed. A nice gesture: On the white table, a small – is placed in the ceiling; of course, electronic – candle. As a main course we opt for a Curry with shrimp, the food for a Plane is also really good tastes, and as a dessert we choose fresh berries with elderflower syrup. A special feature on flights with the Q-Suite: There is a small Snack Menu. The appetizers can be ordered at any time to a Drink, such as melon with ham, or potato appetizers with crab meat. The selection of beverages is large, and there are also delicious Cocktails, both with and without alcohol. Our Bloody Mary is prepared – as desired – a pleasantly sharp and spicy. Also, the wine selection like us, it is for every taste a suitable drop, and the Crew gives good tips on what goes with which food. For the shrimp curry, they serve a very quaffable Riesling from Germany.

Entertainment system: ★★★★☆ –

The screen is big and lets a small remote control or touch good to use. On the small screen of the remote control, you can also keep track of the travel card, while watching a movie. The selection of blockbusters and series is not as huge as maybe some of the other Airlines, but well-selected. For example, there are a lot of good European series, of which it has some never heard of. Unfortunately you get but no complete seasons, but only individual episodes. The Noise-canceling headphones block out surrounding noise perfectly with a good Sound.

Wifi/Power: ★★★★☆ –

Wifi on-Board. The "Super Wifi", such as Qatar Airways announced it is compared with many competitive offers quickly, but always approaches Far from the Surf house or in the office. In the case of images it takes a few Attempts until you can send, sometime it works but in most of the cases. Also, dropouts are there repeated. For an hour of usage is free, thereafter it costs for the whole flight, $ 10. The price is in the competitive comparison is not high, even if we find that Business passengers were supposed to Get Free Wifi. Power sources to recharge the devices are plentiful. You can take the USB-cable once, but it is also an outlet for various international plug is available.

Extras: ★★★★☆ –

The blanket is fluffy and the pillows large and cozy. In addition, there is another small pillow to Cuddle with. In the Amenity Kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, a really good sleeping mask, socks, face and hand cream, a brush and lip balm. Everything is tastefully designed. Razors for men are in the toilets available.

Overall grade: 4,6 – Very good

(Scale: Very good = 4.5, Good = 3.7 to 4,4, Satisfactory = 2.7-3.6, Bad = 2.0 to 2.6, Very poor = below 2.0)


We are really angetant from the entire flight experience. The Q-Suite can compete well with the First Class of many other airlines. After our taste of the flight would have been able to take quiet a bit longer, for such a short flight, such a Business Class is almost a waste. Unfortunately, we have not tested the function, to connect several suites together. In the case of other passengers on the flight that worked without problem.

The ticket for this Test was provided by Qatar Airways. The Tester aeroTELEGRAPH your judgment nevertheless, a free Hand. The airline took no influence on the content of the article nor any of conditions. This would be contrary to the code of conduct aeroTELEGRAPH resist.

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