Landing gear of the A321 comes through in the case of a hard landing in the cabin

An Airbus A321 of the North wind sat in Antalya too hard and had to start. After further problems, a forced landing was carried out. On the ground, severe damage showed.

Flight N4-1801, Nord wind Airlines, was launched on Friday (10. January) at the airport of Moscow-Sheremetyevo. Passengers were not on Board, because it is a so-called positioning flight was to be flown in the aircraft empty to a destination to be there to pick up passengers. At the first landing in Antalya is the Airbus A321 put on very hard. Like the one on flight accidents specialized Portal Aviation Herald reported, exceeded the forces the operating limit of the aircraft significantly.

The pilots decided after the unsuccessful landing at the start. In the air it came in the Cockpit to smoke, also there were problems with the display of instruments. With oxygen masks, put you reported an emergency and flew the Airbus, once over the runway, so that employees of the airport of Antalya on the ground were able to search the aircraft after damage.

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