From Germania flight Chair Airlines is definitely

Germania flight is now definitely the Chair Airlines. The Name is supposed to have a double meaning. The planes get a new paint.

One thing is for sure. This is the Name that will provide plenty of conversation material. And this is exactly what the leaders of the Swiss airline want. Because you want to make the old company name Germania flight quickly forgotten. Finally, for the spectacular Bankruptcy of the German sister airline.

New Germania is flying, the to insolvency on 5. February to the Germania Federation was Chair of the Airlines. "The Name of the Chair is how to pronounce the English word for chair," explains Urs Pelizzoni, Director of the Swiss Charter airline. He stood for the seat in the plane, "we sell as a flight society". With the new brand they wanted to put "fresh accents in the Swiss air traffic," said the Manager.

On the tail fin, and an attached red dot emblazoned

The chair reference but is not the most Important. The Name is also composed of Ch and Air, wherein the Ch stands for the Latin name Confoederatio Helvetica, which is used with CH abbreviated and about in the car - or post-transport. Air is Airline. "With this double entendre can play that we liked," says Pelizzoni. This is also emphasized in color. The CH comes on in the Logo in helvetischem Red, the Air in a bright Blue, which kept the i-point also in Red.

Not only the Name changes. The green-and-white aircraft of Germania flight also get a new Design. The base color of the aircraft is quite the trend in the sector according to White, the front of the fuselage is the lowercase Chair emblazoned on the tail fin, and an attached red dot is mounted, in which a Swiss cross. Below a bright blue splash of Color, you can see – it is a similar shade as the new major shareholder, Enter Air.

Flight number and Callsign remain

A lot is new, some of it, however, remains the same. The Iata Code GM and also the Icao Code for GSW used Chair, Airlines continue to. Similarly, the airline retains the Callsign of the Eiger and the employees use the current uniforms on. The first new machine that comes in the new Design, therefore, is the HB-JOH. You will fly in on Wednesday morning (12. June) already in the new dress first of all, to Pristina. The Other two Airbus A319 to be overmoulded in the coming days.

In February, the Germania flight was found with the Air-Prishtina-Chief Leyla Ibrahimi-Salahi a new shareholder. In may, the Polish Enter Air then bought 49.9 per cent. In the past few weeks, the replacement was completed of all the Connections to the former German sister.

From 2020 onwards with income

For the time being Chair of the further flying with three Airbus A319. In the case of capacity bottlenecks, the major shareholder, Enter Air to help out. For 2020, it is expected that at least three planes. "If the cooperation with the travel agencies will continue to be so good," says Pelizzoni, "we build". Then Chair of the Airlines also needs to write a profit – the Management and Enter the Air in the hope at least.

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