Everything you should know about Winglets

Without a kink in the wings manufacturers to bring a rare new aircraft on the market. But how Winglets work, exactly, and why are there differences?

There are many features by which one can recognize a type of aircraft. The shape of the fuselage or Cockpit Windows, the arrangement of the tail surfaces or the number of emergency exits or the Winglets. However, while function and meaning of most of the components of a pilot are obvious, is on Winglets is often only known that the lower the fuel consumption of an aircraft.

Depending on the version and type of aircraft are the most bent wing tips for fuel savings in the range of about five percent. For Airlines, it pays off quickly. However, as the specially shaped wing tips make that? And why are there so many different variants? aeroTELEGRAPH explains the function and shows what types of Winglets it.

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