Even Boris Johnson wants a more colorful government jet

For state visits to the United Kingdom, uses an Airbus A330 aircraft of the Royal Air Force. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants that he looks like the future of British.

You the same flying business cards. Heads of state, Ministers or diplomats on a trip abroad, then you will be received at the destination of their foreign colleagues, and many cameras, often in front of their Government aircraft. The one with Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro two populist state want to have decorated the heads of their planes in extravagant, is hardly surprising.

Much more colorful is also the Kingdom of a government aircraft of the United Kingdom. For larger trips abroad, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the king's house Airbus A330 aircraft of the Royal Air Force use. Because these serve otherwise as a tanker aircraft and troop transports, they are wrapped instead of in a gray military camouflage. To bother already his time as foreign Minister, this Johnson.

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