El Al adopted the Boeing 767

The Israeli national airline says goodbye to the Boeing classic. Even if the 767 will be used in the passenger air travel, is produced by the Jet but still.

The Boeing 767 is no longer in the Prime of your life. It is built on. But the passenger version of the controls you slowly but surely everywhere on the pension. By the end of 2018 293 specimens were according to the database of Jet Information Services in the world still on the road, almost half of them in the United States.

Now the stock was even smaller. After the age of 36, landed on Monday (4. February) the last time a Boeing 767 of El Al in Tel Aviv. She came in as a flight LY382 from Milan. More than 100,000 flights taken by the aircraft for the Israeli Airline. Also historical flights were including. 767 were involved in the Operation Solomon, 1991 Jews from Ethiopia were flown to Israel. Is replaced the 767 by Boeing's new Long haul aircraft 787 Dreamliner.

More than 1200 sold 767

The Boeing 767 was developed in the seventies as the successor to the 707. 26. In September 1981, she completed her first flight. To date, The American manufacturer has sold 1244.

Even if the 767 as a passenger plane getting rare on the road – Boeing produced the plane. However, only in the cargo version and as a military Aviator. This business is good: In April 2018, the manufacturer announced that the production of the 767 by 2020 from 2.5 to 3 machines per month. Opened in October, Boeing in Sheffield, England for the first time, a small factory in Europe, producing components for wing trailing edges, among Other things, of the 767.

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