Dornier Seawings let go of the Orca

The German aircraft manufacturer pushing ahead with the help of the Chinese the production of the flying boat. Now Dornier Seawings presents a variant for rescue operations.

That aircraft will be named after sea creatures, there were already a number of times. The Airbus Beluga and the Boeing Guppy, the hulking forms of large transport aircraft, however, caused the maritime naming. It is different now, the latest project of Dornier Seawings. The German manufacturer announced that the Orca is a new Version of their amphibian aircraft Seastar, and the Name corresponds to the area of use.

So far, the Dornier works Seawings busy working on the new edition of the Seastar. The water plane is to be brought with the help of Chinese investors to the series Mature, and this year, for the first Time to stand out. The manufacturer positioned the Seastar as a business flyer. With the feature, to be able to water as well as on Short runways and land launch, is to have pilots in the plane a big advantage to the Competition.

Rescue deck instead of VIP cabin

With the Orca Dornier Seawings is looking now for Other Ways to sell your plane. The amphibian plane is based on the Seastar, however, is designed for operations on the sea. According to the manufacturer, the aircraft for Search - and-rescue missions as well as patrol flights over the sea. Compared to most aircraft, which are used for this purpose, destroys the water plane, however, has a disadvantage.

While Marine helicopters have a winch, access to the water surface, can land the Orca on the water and, for example, people on the high seas. With a cruising speed of more than 330 kilometers per hour and a range of 1300 kilometers, the plane will be faster and more than a rotary-wing aircraft.

Use also as an environmentalist

The manufacturer also sees potential in the environment. So the plane can take far away from the coastal water samples. According to Dornier Seawings this could be useful when it comes to analyze the pollution of the oceans with plastic waste.

The Orca will meet your demands, you can device with thermal imaging cameras, search light or radar to be fitted below the wings. In the cabin, similar to as in the rescue helicopter for shipwrecked persons can find place, but also, for example, jobs for Radar operators. According to information from Dornier Seawings is already in talks with unnamed potential buyers. For 2022, the first delivery is planned.

In the above image gallery, you can view the Orca.

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