Delta employees complain of adverse uniforms

According to the uniforms of American Airlines, the Delta's are now in the criticism. You will trigger severe adverse drug reactions.

Since 2018, the personnel of Delta Air carries Lines uniforms by Designer Zac Posen. However, it looks like the new clothes was not really good. Over 500 employees have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer Lands End. You accuse him of, among Other things, negligence and endangerment of the health of the staff.

The uniforms would trigger a large number of complaints, including shortness of breath, nose bleeds, allergic reactions of the skin, dizziness, and ringing in the ears. To find out what could be the reason for the problems, have you done home Tests of the uniforms. You have found traces of chromium, antimony, mercury, formaldehyde, fluorine and bromine. All of these substances are considered harmful to people.

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