Corsair says the Jumbo Jet Adieu

The French long-haul airline will start again the operation - but without their Boeing 747. The last Jumbo-Jet has adopted Corsair officially.

The Corona-crisis brings Out the icon, also in the case of Corsair, the early. The French long-haul airline, decided in April, their three remaining Boeing 747-400s to make use of if you drive your operation again. Now it is to the extent that: On 18. In June they will start their flights again.

Three days before the restart, on Monday (15. June), has flown by Corsair its last Boeing 747 from Paris-Orly to Cotswold Airport. At the British airport, Air Salvage International operates a recycling facility for aircraft. The French were a very faithful Jumbo-Jet operators. You have used with the exception of the 747-8 all versions: 747-100, 747-200, 747-300, 747-400, and even 747 SP.

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