Condor flies with rainbow Crew to New Orleans

A sign against homophobia and prejudice: Condor uses a gay Crew with accessories in the colours of the rainbow on the way to New Orleans.

Condor on your flight from Frankfurt to New Orleans on Thursday (6. June) pilots, and a gay flight attendant with Uniform accessories in the colors of the rainbow stand out. In the American city of the gay crew will promote also participate in the famous Pride Parade, the lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer for social acceptance and the celebration Reached in terms of equality in the past few years.

"Condor will send a strong signal of support for diversity, tolerance and acceptance," writes the holiday flyer in a message. "I'm proud of the fact that we have to put up with our Pride of the Crew on the first Condor flight to New Orleans this season and our participation in the Pride Parade in front of the place is a clear sign against homophobia and prejudice," said Christoph Debus, chief Airlines of the Thomas Cook Group. Condor announced that the Christopher Street Day in Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin, each with its own vices to be represented.

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