Cardboard boxes on the passenger seats

Lufthansa, Austrian airlines and many more Airlines need to almost get by without passengers. Now you can use the flyer for the Transport of cargo in the cabin.

In normal times, air freight is a witness transported in two ways: firstly, in The pure cargo flight. On the Other, in the cargo holds of passenger jets, so under the feet of the traveler. But there are no normal times, it is Corona time. Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr announced last week that passenger to stand out plane without passengers, but with cargo. "At Airbus, A330, A350, and Boeing 747-8, we'll look at," he said.

On Wednesday (25. March) flew the Airbus A330 with the registration D-AIKI from Shanghai to Frankfurt. On Board he had around 30 tons of goods, stowed in the cargo, but also on the Seats and in the hand Luggage compartments of the cabin. In the case of the cargo was "highly urgent goods, mainly from the medical field, including masks and other protective equipment," explains Lufthansa Cargo.

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