Car rams Airbus A320 Eurowings

Strange incident at the airport of Heraklion: A car drove to the left of a Airbus engine, Airbus A320 from Eurowings.

Actually, the crew would have had a stay of only 45 minutes, after you with flight EW1808 on Wednesday (2. October) had docked at the Gate of the Heraklion International Airport. But in the end, the flight attendants and pilots of eurowings spent more than five hours at the airport of the capital of Crete. Their Airbus A320 was hit before the Start in the direction of Munich by a car, as the newspaper Neakriti reports.

The small car of a ground handling company went from unexplained reasons in the left engine of the Eurowings machine with the registration OE-IEW. For the passengers of the return flight EW1809 that meant a great delay, but not cancellation. After about four and a half hours of the Airbus A320 eurowings could begin its return flight.

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