Bratislava is a large Parking lot

The airport in the Slovak capital has so far recorded nearly 20 disused Dash 8 from LGW and Austrian Airlines. 40 Other pilots from other Airlines will follow soon.

Airbus A320 from China to Erfurt/Weimar or A380 of Lufthansa and Air France in Aragon: While the plane-spotters at many major hubs currently have with small aircraft content, airplane fans elsewhere happiness. Because of the lack of the airlines and the manufacturers to court, do not place Airlines, your pilot is also there, where you're going otherwise.

Also in Bratislava, currently a lot to see. Austrian Airlines has parked four Bombardier Dash 8 at the Slovak airport. Likewise, the entire Dash-8 fleet of the insolvent LGW, with 15 planes out there that used to be in the order of Euro wings on the go is. This is to be only the beginning.

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