Boeing 747 crosses the spectacular highway

Who wants to make a Jumbo Jet in the front yard, needs to overcome hurdles. In the case of the tourism group Corendon fields, and the A9 motorway near Amsterdam.

Since you took off act 1989, for the first Time with a pass that has crossed the Boeing 747-400 countless motorways – in the air. In the night from Friday to Saturday (9. February) celebrated a Premiere. At 1:43 PM, the 30-year-old Jumbo Jet taxied for the first time on a motorway. In less than half an hour he crossed the eight lanes of the A9 at Amsterdam airport Schiphol. The objective: the site of the nearby Hotels Corendon Village.

"At first it was just a joke that we make a 747 in the yard of the hotel," says project Manager Gunay Uslu in the night of transport in conversation with aeroTELEGRAPH. It is in Dutch-Turkish and Turkish-Belgian tourism group, Corendon for the opening of new Hotels. Two years ago, you had and your colleagues in the planning of the Corendon Village, the idea is to provide a discarded 737 on the site. But quickly you grew and wanted to – still do not take it too seriously – prefer a Jumbo Jet.

Jet: 160 Tons, Transporter: 204 Tons

"We thought at first that it would be possible to transport a Jumbo completely," says Uslu. The specialist transport company Mammoet convinced Corendon to the contrary. And a conversation with KLM showed that the 747 would ausgeflottet with the registration PH-BFB and the Taufnahmen City of Bangkok in the foreseeable future. "So the idea was becoming more real," says Uslu, one of the group of Corendon Airlines.

So Corendon bought the Jumbo Jet, KLM, painted for him by the end of 2018, in Rome, in the own colors, flew him to Amsterdam, and Let then there usable parts such as the engines, dismount. For the trip across country to the Hotel, the 160-ton Jet was loaded on a special vehicle. The so-called Self-Propelled Modular Transporter Mammoet weighs itself, 204 tons, is 35 feet long, has 192 wheels and is propelled by a Motor with more than 1000 HP, and operated by one Person, tagging along with a remote control behind the vehicle.

The purchase price is only a quarter of the cost

In the night from 5. on the 6. February, the trip went. On the Can, the plane left with a maximum of five kilometers per hour, the grounds of Schiphol airport and moved again, more slowly over adjacent fields and ditches. After two two-day break, we went in the night from Friday on Saturday on the busy A9 motorway, which had to be locked for transportation at night. Now the plane is already in sight of the hotel and will be brought in the next night on the premises in the town of Badhoevedorp.

In the following months, the 747 will be rebuilt on the inside. It is planned to be a Museum area for the topic of air travel and the Boeing 747, as well as a Experience that simulates flying through turbulence. Access to not only guests of the hotel, but all Interested. How expensive the whole project for Corendon is, does not want to Uslu betrayed. Only so much: the purchase price of The 747 is only about a quarter of the total cost.

In the above image gallery Video you will see footage of the transportation and the arrangements.

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