Blue Panorama wants a new gig to start

The Italian holiday flyer is working on a new strategy. The departure will celebrate Blue Panorama also with a new Design and new Jets.

Many have advised against Luca Patanè thereof. In the air travel to enter, is not a good idea, they said to the studied political scientist. The heard and took in 2017, the troubled Blue Panorama Airlines.

The Patanès father founded in 1950, the Uvet Group, which is as a tour operator, Congress organizer and a specialist in business trips received as a separate airline. Patanè seems to be proud to be the Venture received. Because he has decided to Blue Panorama Airlines to rename. The airline flies to in the future, as Luke Air through the world, where Luke is the English Form of Luca. At the same time the planes get a new paint.

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