As Cargolux started with iceberg lettuce and strawberries

In 1970, the cargo airline started as a co-production from Luxembourg, Iceland and Sweden. An early tragedy could not stop the rise of Cargolux.

Everything started in order that the Icelandic Airline Loftleiðir wanted to get rid of the end of the 1960s aircraft. The airline, international Icelandic Airlines called, had to drive to the beginning of the Jet age, no desire for its Canadair CL-44 with four turboprop works.

The Swedish ship entrepreneur Christer Salén suggested Loftleiðir, to operate one of the plane together. He wanted to fly with the plane to the week Scandinavian tourists to Spain, it is then converted to a cargo, and on the Other days to transport Goods like fresh fruits. The CL-44 were designed with a hinged rear actually, as a freighter, Loftleiðir use them in a passenger configuration.

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