Air Dolomiti is styling in Lufthansa style

The Italian Lufthansa subsidiary to painted their aircraft. The new Design of Air Dolomiti is the new standard for the whole Group.

It is not a Revolution, but it is definitely a new Look. The aircrafts of Air Dolomiti will get a new look. It is "a new Image of the journey into the future that respects the perennial values of", the Italian regional airline on Wednesday (9. January).

In the context of the transformation of the curved bold lines on the belly and the nose of the Air-Dolomiti-Jets disappear. The hull is now held entirely in White. In addition, there is no longer the background pattern on the tail. The characteristic color of turquoise is a little darker. It was a "simple, modern and elegant Design", the Lufthansa subsidiary.

From the toil and star travel

Free Air Dolomiti was not in the design of the new image. The new appearance corresponds in its structure to that of the mother Lufthansa. Also Austrian Airlines has recently changed to the new Standard, the White, and emphasizes the company's use of color only in the Central identifying features. The group continues in the future, to a uniform White on the wings and the engines. As a result, the exchange of aircraft is facilitated.

A nice Detail is Air Dolomiti. On the bottom of the fuselage of the plane is the inscription AD Astra emblazoned in the future. It was a part of the Latin spell "Per Aspera ad Astra", "Through hardship leads to the stars" this is an enthusiastic tribute to the passengers and the Flight

In the above image gallery, you can see first impressions of the new shows image of Air Dolomiti.

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