Air Baltic is green

The Latvian national airline missed their planes with a slightly modified Look. Most important Change in Air Baltic a new color mixture.

The number one was delivered three years ago, at first the operator of the Swiss. At that time, the plane was still called the Bombardier C-Series. Now it bears the name of Airbus A220 and celebrates the 100. The time of delivery. The machine went on Friday (29. November) on Air Baltic. The Latvian national airline, it is the 21st century. Airbus A220. In order to ring the Bell, "the next Phase of the modernization plan," she explains in a message.

This step wants to celebrate Air Baltic with a slightly modified livery. The jewelry color of the flyer is in the future of green. In order to emphasize to the own Engagement, "a more sustainable airline". In addition, the color is drawn from the tail in the future, to the bottom of the rear fuselage more. All future pilots will get the new Look.

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