Air Asia X has first Airbus A330 Neo

The long-haul low-cost airline its first Airbus has the A330 Neo. With the modernisation of the long-distance classic, Air Asia X wants to fly to Europe.

Air Asia X is by far the largest customer. 66 Airbus A330 Neo has the long-haul low-cost airline now ordered, for a further 34 a Declaration of intent exists. On Friday (9. Of August), you will receive your first copy of the modernized long-distance classic. The machine with the indicator HS-XJA goes to de Thai offshoot Thai Air Asia X.

From Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok from Thai Air Asia X will use the new Airbus A330-900 in the direction of Australia, Japan, and South Korea. On Board 365 passengers in Economy Class and 12 in Business Class have a place. Later, flights to Europe, the airline has Vienna as an exciting destination called. A second machine is to be delivered up to the end of the year. Delta Air Lines, the second-largest buyer of the A330 Neo has ordered 35 pieces.

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