A340 Edelweiss needs a new rear

The ground collision with a Dreamliner of Air Canada caused the Airbus A340 from Edelweiss a great deal of damage. The Jet falls for weeks.

The Boeing 787-8 Air Canada flies again cheerfully through the world. In the past six days, she was three Times in London, Once in San Francisco and Once in Milan. The damage to the Dreamliner, with the registration C-GHPU, at the Vancouver airport with an Airbus A340 from Edelweiss drive, was apparently very low.

While the canadian machine was quickly repaired, the damage to the A340 of Swiss holiday airline will be able to have as significantly larger than first assumed. Experts of Airbus inspected, in the meantime, the plane together with technicians from Edelweiss. It was clear that it can't be temporarily patched up and then to Z├╝rich transferred, in order to repair it there.

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