A real Lounge in the plane

Anyone who spends 19 hours on the plane, don't want to sit all the time on its place. A new Zealand based company offers Airlines a Lounge in the Jet.

Ultra-long-haul flights. Thus many of the hours not be on the plane for the passengers to the ordeal, Let the airlines come up with something. As Singapore Airlines in the summer of 2018 began to fly non-stop from Singapore to New York, worked for the longest flight in the world with Wellness experts. These developed in addition to special menus as well as Videos of exercises – all the passengers after 19 hours recovered from the Airbus A350-900 on the rise. Qantas think of in terms of non-stop flights Sydney – London fitness rooms.

The company AIM Altitude from new Zealand has designed a cabin product that will offer the travelers there are even more options for relaxation on ultra-long flights. The concept is called Ultraflex is divided into a Lounge in a flyer, in different areas. For one thing, it behind it gives a kind of bar with a big screen. Here, the passengers in the Bar a drink-the atmosphere slightly and, for example, a sports watch. Sofa corners as Seating, Snacks and drinks can take passengers from a Display.

Airlines must weigh the

In several booths, two people can eat in private. However, it can be expanded in these separate rooms, tables and chairs also, so that space is created for the traveler, the unobserved, for example, Yoga, or pray to want to meditate. In addition, Ultraflex offers small jobs, including a table for the Laptop and a stool. Here, too, is the thought of the rest: Under the table the pedals or the massage rollers are mounted, with which the passenger can keep his feet fit.

Airlines could differentiate themselves with Ultraflex stand out from the competition. However, would you go this also allows space for well-paid seats will be lost. Because so much space as in the Airbus A380 of Emirates, the Bar area is also of AIM Altitude, there will be the ultra-long-haul in the future. So Singapore Airlines will fly the A350 to New York with just 94 seats in the Premium Economy and 65 in Business Class. Fewer seats fall because financially significantly more weight.

You can see in the above image gallery, such as the Ultraflex Lounge looks like.

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