A new Terminal will be tested

The Helsinki airport wants more transit passengers. An important step in that direction is the opening of the new long distance range. Now he was tested for the first time.

In the cold winter months Helsinki is going on at the airport. Dozens of clearance vehicles cavorting on the snowy terrain, and make, with their orange flashing lights. But also elsewhere, is currently being worked on diligently. The operator Finavia builds on the two Terminals of generous capacity is expected to rise by 2020 to 20 million passengers per year.

Especially on long routes, the airport wants to increase its capacity and its role as a major hub to Asia. An important milestone on the way there. At the end of February of Helsinki new West Pier in the Intercontinental area. Just like that, the operation is not included, however. With volunteers, the airport tested its latest project, on Wednesday (6. February) on the heart and kidneys.

All test

The call came via Facebook, Twitter or your website. 200 volunteers searched for Finavia. Because even if modern computer technology can be made better and better predictions: scenes have to kill with awkward passengers, the search for the first Time, the way to security, time, or somewhere your Hunger want to breastfeed, you can still best with real people. The airport would like to be able to overlooked vulnerabilities quickly mending.

The volunteer testers were quickly found. Finavia was very important that, if possible, different passenger types. A lot of pilots were chosen, such as airport newcomers. In addition to all age classes for people with disabilities to the General were invited to sample. On a cool Morning, the 200 Curious waited now in Terminal 2 on the start. For about two hours, they were then in the new long-range all to test, what's that supposed to prove themselves even in the later airport-daily route.

More space for long-haul flyer

And that is not little. A total of 25,000 square meters area of the new additional security checks, baggage check-in Desk, shops, Restaurants, and a waiting area to the existing Terminal 2 controls. A Premiere of the full-body scanners used in Finland for the first Time. The extension serves as a connection to the South Pier. This was built in 2017, new houses additional gates for larger long-haul aircraft.

Especially a lot of trouble in the airport, stuck in the Aukio – translated, this means an open place or Piazza. An elaborate installation Screen surrounded by a wooden waiting area, and shows footage of various landscapes of Finland. The local architecture firm, PES Architects put a lot of care with your design, typical of Finnish architecture. The generous incidence of light and a lot of wood to give the passengers already at the port of entry a Scandinavian Flair on the way.

Deliberate Traps to sample

Against 10 o'clock in the morning it went with the Test. In yellow safety vests and questionnaire the security checks arrived and the first bays of the Tester. So it's like in the real airport-everyday things, distributed a helper among the subjects to arbitrary pieces of Luggage that were Packed with, for example, liquids. Accordingly, piepten the control of machinery, elsewhere the Test passengers have had to show as in real life, your Shoe soles, or were also searched by hand the sensor. The full-body Scanner, the most testers show up rather shy. A majority headed for the familiar, classic control.

Who brought the first hurdle behind, went directly to the Aukio. Many whip out your Smartphone and filmed the landscape images that flickered on the wooden benches. Some complained that the look like the waiting area less impressive than the presentation of images promised. For the younger visitors there is a wooden wall of the Aukios turned out to be a big Highlight. Projectors react to hand movements and respond with a wild looking pattern. Those who looked carefully, discovered under the benches, some electrical outlets and USB ports. Very consciously, the designers have installed only a few of them. Too many electrical devices should not interfere with the natural Flair.

Eye-catcher of the new building

Also the shops and Restaurants were open for a test run. Or ordered, nothing was bought during the test run. Only a few of the volunteers test passengers ransacked them with scrutiny, and put check marks on their clipboards. The majority of the subjects resided rather in the Aukio. This is clearly the eye-catcher of the new building. Real airport Feeling is not so real.

Already at the security checks, it became clear that the number of 200 testers is clearly too small for the large halls of the large building. Although only a quarter of the monitoring stations were open, were themselves to see to the simulated peak times, rarely snakes, of which more than three people Queuing. For the airport of such a sample to be runs are still important, stresses a Finavia's spokeswoman: "Already at the opening of the South pier two years ago, we were able to make in the same way important experience. Just as then, we will look at the Feedback right now."

Over the load limit

This month, the new area should be operational. With 400 million euros, Finavia has invested much of his construction budget in this project. A total of one billion euros will be invested in the Expansion of the airport of Helsinki. In addition to the Expansion of Terminal 2 with two additional Piers and a completely new exterior facade, an increase in the Terminal 1. From there, only Short flights within Europe start.

The Management promises through all the measures to increase the capacity to an annual 30 million passengers. Last year the airport counted 20.8 million passengers and operates limit already since a long time on his load.

In the above image gallery to see shots of the Tests.

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