A Jetset life of a different kind

The Americans, Bruce Campbell has made an old Boeing 727 into his new home. He lived for many years in an airplane, standing in a forest in Oregon. Flyers are perfect living room, he says.

Bruce Campbell lives in the plane. Normally, this phrase means that someone is traveling more than he is home. In the case of an American, this is not the case. He lives in a Boeing 727 in a forest outside the town of Hillsboro in Portland, Oregon in the North-West of the USA.

It is believed Campbell, then the use of old aircraft is the living room of the future. For him, there is only a little better appropriate types, as you can with the no more flying Jets around. Although this development is still in the early days, Campbell is convinced that at some point, larger companies will specialize to make aircraft flats.

Historic Aircraft

The Jets are perfectly suitable for you, Campbell. You should only change a little, electricity, ventilation and water pipes for life on the ground. In addition, they are very safe to use and could keep the earthquakes better than some of the house. Since the end of the 90s, Campbell resides in his Boeing 727. At the time, he paid for the aircraft is $ 100,000, he writes to his Homepage.

It is not any Jet. The 727 comes from Olympic Airways. The plane, Campbell to aeroTELEGRAPH, was then used to transport the body of the deceased shipowner Aristotle Onassis in his home. With his wife Jackie Kennedy were-Onassis, and then-Senator Edward Kennedy.

Not cheap

Onassis was flown on the plane with the name of Mount Parnassus and the former identifier SX-CBC from Paris to Athens in Greece, and then continue on his private island of Skorpios to be transported, where he was buried. Until the historic plane in the forest, arrived in front of Portland, had Campbell to invest a lot. Transport, renovation and Other necessary Work brought the total cost for the project, according to Campbell, to $ 220,000. Today, you are likely to be slightly higher.

For all those who want to live in an airplane, Campbell a message: It is a lot easier than you think. The cost, of course, a little money, but much less than you fear, perhaps, as the example show. He advises those Interested in Airlines and aircraft request cemeteries, whether there were any suitable Material.

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