100 million of fresh money for new Überschalljet

With another 100 million Dollar Boom Supersonic wants to bring his passenger jet with supersonic speed in the air. The plane now has a name.

The Supersonic-Startup Boom Supersonic has secured fresh capital in the amount of $ 100 million. The money comes from a number of U.S. investors, including the Emerson Collective, Y Combinator Continuity, Caffeinated Capital, and SV Angel. In total, we have collected now, $ 141 million to develop a new Supersonic passenger plane, reports the company.

The Jet, which is supposed to be 2.2 Times the speed of sound, now has a name: Overture, so Overture. In addition, the Boom has given the flyer a Logo. The word boom at the rear was in visualizations so far to see, there is now the Name of Overture and about a from lines formed circle that is open at the top. The Logo is reminiscent of a bird with outstretched Wings in the front view.

Small test plane is scheduled to lift off in 2019

Investor Emerson Collective to support Boom, but also because of the "environmentally responsible" design of the aircraft. Mid-2018, warned a study from the climate-damaging impact of the new supersonic plane. Boom-in-chief Blake Scholl criticized the investigation at the time, and said, the carbon footprint of the Boom-Jets will correspond approximately to the current Business-Class travel.

Currently in a Boom with the construction of the XB-1 is employed, the small test version of the Overture. Of a jet, reminding one pilot has a result of Changes in the aerodynamics and the engines late. He is now scheduled to lift off in 2019 for the first time. Passenger traffic with Overture will be according to the plans of the company as of the mid-2020's.

You can see in the above image gallery recordings of Overture and the interior of the plane.

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