World's largest aircraft rolls out of the hangar

A giant sees the light of day: the double fuselage aircraft of the company Stratolaunch has left the hangar for the first time. In the future it is supposed to rocket towards all bring.

An Airbus A380-800 has a wingspan of nearly 80 meters. The plane, which left its hangar in the Mojave desert in California on Wednesday (June 30) for the first time, puts it on proud 117 meter – world record. Stratolaunch system, founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has the double hull giant built from launchers start towards space by him to make.

In the past few weeks, the Stratolaunch technicians dismantled the construction scaffolding and the 28 wheels had to carry the entire weight of the machine for the first time. The aircraft was weighed for the first time, then brought it to nearly 227 tons with a length of around 72 meters. It has been designed with its six engines once with a total weight of up to 589 tonnes to withdraw, up to 249 tons payload. An initial test flight will take place beginning of 2019. First pending tests on the ground about the refueling of the aircraft.

In the above picture gallery you can see photos and a video of the giant aircraft.

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