Urine, feces, aggression: companion animals in Trouble

More and more passengers want to take animals as therapeutic companions on Board. Airlines all is starting to be colorful.

The Trend is reflected in the number of messages on the topic of glimpse. Pigs were the Unruly Passenger, turkeys in the Premium Eco, petitions for hedgehog on Board more and more passengers wanted to take animals with you on your flight and take advantage of the rules of the airlines for the therapeutic companion animals. Finally, the owner of a peacock failed to take your bird with you on Board a United aircraft.

He had not met in a variety of ways, the conditions, said the Airline afterwards – among Other things, in terms of weight and size of the animal. You've explained to the wife before the flight. She was, nevertheless, appeared with peacock Dexter at the airport. Even before this incident, so it is now United, they have realized that the rules for the carriage of animals would have to be strict.

More requests, more incidents

The relevant requests had increased in the past year by 75 percent to around 76,000, and the number of incidents with companion animals. Delta Air Lines sees this development. The had increased between cases with the so-called Emotional Support Animals by 84 percent. The staff on Board would often have to fight with the animals – urine, faeces, and aggressive behavior are often grounds for incidents.

"There are, in fact, too little regulation," said a Delta spokesperson for Time magazine. "We are trying to address now with our rules." The unions of the cabin crew in the US are supporting the airlines.

Tougher Rules

Both Delta as well as United now tighten the rules. In addition to a Letter that the animal really provides emotional support, passengers must provide 48 hours prior to departure, now, an official confirmation on all the necessary vaccinations. In addition, a qualified person must confirm that the animal is trained for the performance and in the Public consultation. American Airlines is considering similar measures.

United Airlines has also published a kind of Black list, which animals count, which is not allowed on Board. To be continuously adjusted. so far to find this according to American media, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, spiders, rodents and "not domesticated birds" reports.

At Lufthansa, only dogs

The Whole, however, seems to be an American Problem. Many Airlines in Europe do not accept either no animals, no matter what the purpose, or typical Pets. Lufthansa about only accepts dogs as Emotional Support Animals. "An increase in we see. The number of transported ESA has remained in the last few years, largely stable," said the Airline.

You see above in the photo gallery for examples of unusual Support Animals – not all were on Board.


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