Thus, Zurich's new Business-Airport

In order to relieve the airport of Zurich, is the Private and business aviation at the nearby airfield of dübendorf moved. Now it has been shown for the first time, what is planned there.

Last March, the Swiss government has confirmed again what she had decided, almost three years earlier: in addition to military pilots in the future also by Private and business aircraft on the airfield Dübendorf to take off and land. The wanted, unsuccessfully, to prevent the surrounding communities with an alternative concept –.

The government wants to Kloten relieve with the relocation of the Business and the business of flying from Zürich - dübendorf the major airport of the large passenger and cargo airplanes and at the capacity limit of working. The planning for the new use of the small Airport located 10 kilometers East of Zurich, went further.

Discretion for VIPs

The winning project was presented for the design of the new building, which it needs for the operation of Airports for business and commercial aviation. Has won the local architecture office, Meier Hug. In a "generous-looking cities had managed structural arrangement", stated the Jury on Thursday (9. November). Particularly highlighted was that the winner managed to have a "far-reaching separation of the operating paths of the Paths of the passengers" and "the desired discretion" to ensure that the VIPs want.

The airfield Dübendorf (Icao Code: LSMD) was opened in 1910. He is regarded as the cradle of the Swiss aviation. Most recently, he had been but only of the air rescue, Swiss air rescue, Swiss air force, and providers of sightseeing flights in vintage cars such as the Ju-52. He has a 2355-Meter-long asphalt runway.

You can see in the above picture gallery of the designs for the dübendorf airport.

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