Sauteed shrimp, cosy Bar and Deo for men

The Business Class of Emirates delivers what it promises? We have tested it.

Emirates wants to distinguish themselves through extremely high quality Service. As well as the Other Gulf airlines, the airline from Dubai promises a Service in Business Class that feels like First Class. Right? We have tested in an Airbus A380 on a flight at the end of October of Mauritius to Dubai.

Booking/Reservation: ★★★★☆.

The journey begins even before the flight. The process of booking is with Emirates, with the other Airlines to be compared. A disadvantage: You have to directly select in which class you want to fly. Economy passengers have a particularly favorable Business deal to convince, you lose, of course. Via website or App, you can make a reservation with Emirates, after booking in advance, seats – a mandatory Service. Nice for Foodies: You can also see what will be served for a menu on the upcoming flight. Beverage and food tickets are available after entering the flight number available. And: You can – he should be booked for departure and arrival will be available - there is already a pick – up with the sedan.

Check-in/Boarding: ★★★★☆.

For the Check-in Desk. In Mauritius, Emirates uses the Lounge of Air Mauritius, with the help of you working together. Although it is not large, has a good range of food and drinks and a Bar, drink the Cocktails. Unfortunately, the Lounge has no Windows and no view of the tarmac – otherwise it looks by the way, in the Emirates Lounge in Dubai where you are staying when you Require. In the huge Lounge area, there are not only many different restaurant options, but also places from where you can observe the countless Airbus A380 of the airline.

Crew: ★★★☆☆.

The Crew plays a Central role when it comes to how comfortable you will feel on Board. The announcement from the Cockpit, the Irish captain makes. He is friendly and provides detailed information about the flight. In the cabin, the impression is mixed. You realize that with Emirates partially from a variety of backgrounds collide – no wonder, with such a large amount of flight attendants and flight attendants from all over the world. This is nice alone on our flight, the Crew comes from 18 countries and speak 13 different languages. But the momentum is not as harmonious as you know it from some of the other Airlines, there is no special Vibe is apparent. In part, the flight attendants and flight attendants are too reserved, although always professional. Nevertheless, the personal Touch missing sometimes. In our case, a staff member stood out, however, particularly positive: you had a shift at the Bar and she was able to act authentically and professionally with each guest. As things become critical, because drunk guests are a little rough around the edges, which solves the Situation with charm and de – escalated-all while you make a really good Cosmopolitan. There is a star.

Seat: ★★★★★.

Each seat in Business Class from Emirates has its own access to the aisle. Already when Boarding, guests are offered a small range of juices, water and sodas,. Also a sleeping mask, and socks – for those who want to fall asleep quickly and not want to wait until the Amenity Kits were distributed. In different subjects, a lot of space to store personal things – however, more space is available, if you can manage to get a seat on the window side. Design minimalist could be the Design of the seats in marble Look a little too flashy, the other pass is just like acting, maybe. But the most Important thing is of course different: The seats are extremely comfortable and can be adjusted to a completely flat bed. At bedtime, a mattress topper that improves the bed, Feeling something. Pillows and Blankets are also cozy and has enough space to sleep on the stomach, back or on the side.



On the test flight, we were in a seafood mood. Therefore, it was as an Appetizer-sauteed shrimp with vegetables-Avocado salad and for main course prawn curry with lemon grass, sauteed green beans, and something strange in the combination – Ratatouille. The Appetizer tastes like airplane food but as in the Restaurant. Also the main taste of food good, however a little less spectacular – probably because the presentation looks like as more like airplane food. The fruit salad, and for dessert, there is a little small. Before the meal, and there is a rich selection of drinks. In addition to champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks there are also numerous Cocktails prepared at the Bar on Board.



Perfectly. No crumbs or smudges of the window. Also, the toilets and the well-frequented Bar were towards the end of the flight, still clean.

Cabin equipment:


The Airbus A380 is the flagship of the Emirates and the Gulf airline, of course, everything. The cabin is spacious, the baggage compartments are large. The Highlight is the Bar in the rear of the Business Class is of course. Here are all the flight over appetizers and drinks.

Entertainment system:


The movie selection on Board is so great that it can overwhelm the audience. From all regions and all periods, there are movies on Board, the vast majority seems, however, to have for the Film, "Boss Baby" decided to look through the cabin. The 23-inch screen is pleasantly large. To support a Tablet and a remote control are also available. For airplane fans, Plus the various cameras on the aircraft that allow during the flight, exciting a number of different perspectives.



The Internet does not work most of the time of the flight, however, it is the fastest and hooks sometimes. As Emirates said that you should better not send any pictures or Videos to view. A Plus: 20 MB of are for all free. Quite conveniently, the use is not but when you consider the Larger plans. Then you can buy it for 15,99 $ for 500 MB or $ 9.99 for 150 MB of data. For comparison: Lufthansa, there is the 24-hour flat-rate (on multiple flights) for 19.95 Euro. It is a member of the Emirates miles program Skywards and flies in Business Class, is the Wi-Fi however, free.



A special Extra before and after the flight the possibility to book Business Class limousine service to the airport – he should be at the destinations. On Board Amenity Kits, with those of other Airlines comparable. The cosmetics comes from Bulgari is currently the cream and the perfume from the Fragrance line Eau Parfumée au thé noir – a very distinct scent and, therefore, a matter of taste. The fragrance is for men and women is the same, the difference lies in the packaging – the bag is in men. And also the content is not quite the same. Men get shaving foam and women, is understandable. But the men get in addition to a Deodorant. For the women, there is only a mirror.

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