Lufthansa studied the damaged Airbus A340

A tug-a fire has burned in Frankfurt in holes in an A340 of Lufthansa. Now, it is analyzed how large the damages are, and whether the Airbus can fly again.

After the smoke clears, to show the damage more clearly. At the bow of the on Monday (11. June) in Frankfurt a fire damaged Airbus A340-300, strong burn marks are visible. Below the cockpit, on the left side, there is also a large hole in the outer skin. The aluminum alloy of the hull is melted track.

And that's not all. Also the nose gear of the Lufthansa aircraft with the registration D-AIFA has been badly affected. The airline itself speaks also the fact that the Cockpit had been affected by the massive smoke"". It is therefore clear that The damage to the 18-year-old Jet's are certainly solid.

In-Depth Investigation

If the A340 with Star Alliance livery will fly again, or at the junkyard lands, but it is not yet clear. "It is still too early to make a statement," says a spokeswoman for Lufthansa Technik. You must examine the plane first. "This may take some time." The decisive factor is how strongly the vital systems were pulled from the fire affected.

A look at similar cases shows that fire damage does not always mean a total loss. The Boeing 787-8 of Ethiopian Airlines is flying today, for example, whose hull was damaged top 2013 in a fire at Heathrow airport. At that time, no vital systems were affected. In December there was a fire in an Airbus A321 Qatar Airways. He no longer flies since then and will probably be written off. A Boeing 777 of Singapore Airlines, was damaged in November 2017, by a fire of a tractor. They also flew, never more, and is considered a total loss.

In the above image gallery to see images of the damage and the fire.

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