British island flyer to conquer China

Britten-Norman is a small but rich tradition of aircraft manufacturers from the UK. Now he hopes to be able to in China.

Small Aviator, the great Tradition: Britten-Norman sits on the Isle of Wight to the South of Southampton, and is building since 1954 aircraft. Now the British company wants to conquer with his high-wing monoplane called the Islander, China. Under Britten-Norman signed on 17. July a contract with Fang yuan General Aviation. The company from Beijing to market the plane in the people's Republic of and sell. Target customers were primarily small, regional airline with high frequencies on Short-haul flights, the manufacturer.

Britten-Norman builds up to today, since 1965, the civil aircraft BN-2 Islander and since 1972, the military variant of the Defender. From 1970 to 1980, she also produced a stretched Version of the Islander, the Trislander. The Trislander G-RLON, which the Airline Aurigny from the channel island of Guernsey belonged to was only in 2017 in retirement. Their first flight had the machine in 1975, and to the career end, she brought it to more than 105,000 of the country.

20 Years Of The Pilatus Britten Norman

The Islander, which is now to be in China a success, you can start on unpaved runways with a length of just 350 meters, and land. Thus it is well suited for remote regions and island traffic. It has up to ten seats and two engines. Customers can choose the engine from three variants: The BN2B-26 has about 264 HP piston engines by the American manufacturer Lycoming, the BN2B-20 also has such engines, but with 304 HP. The BN2T has turboprop works of the type of Allison by Rolls-Royce engines.

In his history of the aircraft manufacturer joined Britten-Norman several times the owner. He was also, for almost 20 years in Swiss hands. The Pilatus aircraft works in your chronicle, for the year 1979: "the Acquisition of the British aircraft plant in Britten-Norman. Production of twin-engined transport aircraft, the weight class of 3000 to 4000 kilograms of witnesses under the name Pilatus Britten Norman." And then for 1998: "the sale of the British subsidiary Pilatus Britten-Norman." In 2000, the Zawawi Investment Group from Oman took control in the case of Britten-Norman.

Use in more than 120 countries

Britten-Norman has produced according to its own information, more than 1250 aircraft, and to Airlines, armies and governments sold. Today, the machines of the B2-series to fly the aircraft manufacturer, for around 500 companies and organisations in more than 120 countries.

You know in the above image gallery for more on the Britten-Norman Islander.

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