Antonov an-225, in South America, record

The world's largest aircraft has carried out so many consecutive cargo flights like never before. The charge brought In the Antonov an-225 to their limits.

The largest aircraft in the world, has set a record in its own case. The Antonov an-225 led between Chile and Bolivia, twelve successive and related cargo flights – more than ever before in the series. The Ukrainian Jet brought on behalf of the German company Hansa Meyer Global Transport twelve huge generators from the Northern Chilean port city of Iquique to the Bolivian ChimorĂ©.

Each of the generators, which are intended for a thermal power plant of the state-owned Bolivian power utility ende Andina, weighs 160 tons. "The weight distribution of the one-piece cargo on the aircraft floor At passed first of all, the maximum allowable values for the-225", said Antonov. Only through the use of damping plates, and Other techniques you have to get the weight distribution in the handle.

Own tractor brought

Also on the cargo itself, small Changes had to be made in order to fit in the plane. The Crew also received a special training for the flights with the extreme cargo over the Andes. Antonov brought their own tow vehicle from the airport of Gostomel in Kiev to Chile, because in Iquique is not a vehicle with the necessary power.

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