What time freight with the brand's German Airways?

Time cargo has already protected the brand of the German Eagle. Now the group is looking to secure additional names, including Logos.

At the beginning of the year, securing of cargo a lawyer at the German Patent and trademark office for the word marks german eagle, German eagle, and ZF German flight. The owner of WDL Aviation and LGW said on demand from aeroTELEGRAPH, you have secured interesting name by trademark law. This is an business normal process.

This process is repeated time freight a number of times. In August, the Berlin-based logistics company filed through the same attorney also time cargo Aviation as a word-image brand, where the word time freight black, the word Aviation is written in red. Meanwhile, the brand has been registered in the opposition period is running. The group uses the term for your air travel sector. At the beginning of September, two more word-figurative marks left by time freight protect followed.

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