Dedicated Crew, delicious Butternut-barley Risotto and unnecessary spots

South African Airways is positioned as a best choice for travel to southern Africa. How well it travels in the Business Class of the Airline? We have tested it.

In Europe South African Airways flies to three destinations. In addition to London, the South African airline connecting with Frankfurt and Munich, two German cities, with Johannesburg. It is a different aircraft. Last year, we tested, as it travels in the four-engined Airbus A340-600 in Business Class to Frankfurt. Because the Airline needs to be plugged in the midst of a restructuring, and save, his equipment is a bit older. Now we wanted to see if this looks in the flight from Johannesburg to Munich is different. Because on this route is South African Airways uses the newer Airbus A330-200. We have you in may 2019 on the route Johannesburg – Munich tested.

Booking/Reservation: ★★★★☆.

Since our last Test was not done on the website of South African Airways a lot. On the home page, ten input fields, in which not only the origin, destination or booking class have to be chosen, but the action codes with a total of the same. For us, it would have like better if more Clarity would have prevailed, and some of the data in the Expand-organized menus, or only later be requested. After we land on the second page, but it is clear. The check-in we'll do this Time about the SAA's App and the boarding pass invite us right on our Smartphone. This works easily and simply. Out of interest, we need to check in via the website. Here, too, everything is straightforward and fast.

Check-in/Boarding: ★★★★★.

Again, we fly from Durban to Johannesburg (rather than with the SAA subsidiary Mango but this time with SAA) and are looking forward to the Premium Lounge of South African Airways. After all, who flies with the Airline in Business Class international routes, has access. Cold and warm Buffet, a Bar and showers are there to make the Wait more pleasant. The Seating areas are split for passengers who want to work, Smoking or for children and offer a beautiful view over the apron of the airport. Unfortunately, the pilot on a previous flight had bad luck: Due to a bird strike, he brings us to late to Johannesburg. For the Wait in the Premium Lounge is very little time left to us. Since we know the Lounge but already from last year and we find it good if an Airline after a bird strike rather more time than too little, to control your flyer, we will charge you no points. Also, because it managed to SAA at the time of our flight, in spite of a shortage of time for Transit our baggage check through.

Crew: ★★★★★.

The same on Board we are welcomed very warmly and led by a flight attendant our place. Our name needs to be read for the flight only once, then you will remember this for the Rest of the flight. We find the very carefully. Throughout the flight, the Crew is very nice and accommodating. As a fellow traveler wanted to see the end to fetch to the Start of your ceiling, remains a member of the crew cool and explained very politely and in all patience the idea of Safety behind the prompt. In addition, the flight attendants, the was for our office knew that very well with the wine card and the rest of the culinary offerings. In addition to English, the crew spoke a bit English and otherwise, all in South Africa major languages.

Seat: ★★★★☆.

The Airbus A330 are in the case of South African Airways in an average of six years younger than the A340-600. Accordingly, we look forward to a newer seat. The seat pitch is 74 inches, or 188 inches, the seat width is 53 inches. We race for the seat back to the flat sun bed, increase the Width to 63 inches. Overall, we find the seat very comfortable. In our armrests, we find a remote control, with which we can move many different parts of our place on a large scale. So we can adjust the seat well. In addition, there is a massage function. Even if this Feature is not convinced that much, is it a special feature. Since our flight is overnight, we transform our place on the push of a button automatically in a bed. With a large pillow and a thick duvet, we have to prepare ourselves. At 1.80 meters body size, we come close to the front wall of the Cabin, when we reach out fully. Nevertheless, we are well and able to sleep for several hours quite right. Otherwise, our Seating provides a power outlet and a USB port.

Meals: ★★★★★.

When you take a seat, we get on the ground and a sparkling wine. The Watching, the Other plane is teasing us on the apron. After takeoff, the flight attendants from serving inside of Canapés, as well as share wine and menu. At the beginning we choose from a good selection of six wines Bonnievale Shiraz from the year 2017. The South African red wine tastes. Since we find it even harder to leave the country again. As a Starter we choose a pumpkin cream-soup. For the main dish, we opt for fish. This Time, there are fried sea bass, served with Butternut-barley Risotto and broccoli in a butter sauce. It tastes great. As a Dessert, it would have given Malva Pudding or ice cream. As we are not so very Sweet, we opt for a small, but fine cheese platter with crackers. After that, we drink a solid Cup of coffee with beautiful Crema, we get two chocolates. A nice way to end. After we are awakened in the early hours of the morning, we have to look for us the Breakfast. We choose the cheese omelette. This is sausages with Chicken, grilled tomatoes and sauteed potato cubes served. Cottage cheese and oat porridge with raspberries round out the early meal, coffee and Croissants. While we enjoy all that goes on on the Mediterranean sea watching the sun set. Gorgeous!

Cleanliness: ★★★☆☆.

Here we need to give back deductions. Everything makes a clean impression and we feel good. However, during the flight, we will discover a few mistakes. Thus, residues of an Adhesive tape to stick under our armrest and the cabin wall a few spots. Here, the SAA would have had to make more of an effort.

Cabin facilities: ★★★★☆.

In the cabin of the lighter brown tones dominate. This at first glance seems a little colonial, but otherwise as bright. The 36 Business Class seats arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration. Everything looks very tidy and does a neat impression. Since the seats are arranged in parallel, we have at our window seat with no direct aisle access. Since our seat changes neighbor sometime in the bed-mode, we have to climb carefully over him. With a little caution but is easily doable. A bit of a bother that the seats have no separation walls. When Sleeping, the privacy is missing us a little. Since the cabin is darkened in the night hours, is not this shortcoming of heavy weight.

Entertainment system: ★★★★☆.

An increase in the entertainment system. Below our armrest we can expand a Display. The screen is the same size as the A340, but has a reasonable resolution. You can only be on a remote control and not a Touchscreen. However, the screen remains clean. In comparison to other airlines the number of movies and TV shows is more manageable, however, can make SAA the selection back to what is good. So, there's Bohemian Rapsody, Bad Times At El Royale, Aquaman, or Green Book, several movies, which ran until Recently in the cinema. In addition, the program also offers a selection of African films, we would have discovered otherwise.

Wifi: ★☆☆☆☆.

Internet, there is not in the A330-200 from SAA. Here we are disappointed. Because the is now in every Business Class is a Must and is regardless of the age of the aircraft retrofit. Even if we can understand that the Airline currently has to save, we don't have to rate this timely circumstance with the lowest score.

Extras: ★★★★☆.

The Amenity Kit, everything remains just as good as in the other aircraft from the previous year. In a nice black cloth bag, we can find the sleeping mask, earplugs, toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb. The content is not precious, but it is very solid and serves its purpose very well. As a nice extra there is, again, a moisturizer and a lip balm. To Sleep is placed on each seat bedding. This consists of a pillow, a duvet and a blanket to put under the seat. The sleep Equipment meets its purpose very well, and brings a pleasant hotel-bed feel.

Overall grade: 3,9

– Good


In total, we have spent a lovely ten and a half hours in the Business Class of the A330 South African Airways. He is actually an increase for the A340 (the total at that time was 3.7, which resulted in just a rounded up to "Good"). We have excellent eaten, a great Crew, and were able to sleep very well. Only the little bloopers at the cleanliness and the Lack of Wifi is still significant deductions. If you want to experience South Africa already on Board, and high Standard appreciates, who is with South African Airways.

The ticket for this Test was provided by South African Airways. The Tester aeroTELEGRAPH your judgment nevertheless, a free Hand. The airline took no influence on the content of the article nor any of conditions. This would be contrary to the code of conduct aeroTELEGRAPH.

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