Congress wants to stop a new Design for Air Force One

Donald Trump wants the new Regierungsjets of the United States "look American". Members are trying to prevent now.

John F. Kennedy ordered at the beginning of his term of office, a Boeing VC-137C – a military variant of the 707 – as another government plane to the United States. And Designer Raymond Loewy designed in 1962, the new paint scheme for it. Since then, the Jets fly in their iconic light blue-and-white painting by the world, which is also based on the Wishes of the then President of the United States.

President Donald Trump wants to change that. He wants the future government aircraft of the United States, "American look", it was like a year ago known. He wants a combination of the national colors of Red, White and Blue. In contrast, resistance now. Members of the House Armed Services group headquarters Subkommittees try to prevent the new paint.

Two Boeing 747s that should be going to Transaero

As the magazine Defense One writes, have inserted the politicians in the framework of the draft Budget for 2020 is to be a part of it. He notes that the "painting of the VC-25B-plane corresponds to the criteria of the report from Boeing, with the title "Phase II Aircraft Livery and Paint Study Final Report", submitted in April 2017, when the Federal government". There was apparently held on to the old Design.

Donald Trump has criticized the purchase of two new Boeing 747 once hard. He found the cost too high. In the meantime, he has agreed with Boeing on a price, by the requirements of the plane were lowered. In addition, the manufacturing process and certification will be simplified. And the government takes two already-built 747-8, which should go to the Russian Transaero and first in Seattle and then at the Victorville airport were parked.

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